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Northern Beaches Bowls Club Social Bowls results.

Wednesday 9th December.
Winners:         Barry Finlay, Stewart Larkings 14.
Runner Up’s:  Trevor Kelly, Paul Foot 16.
Lucky Door:    John Rupnik, Kevin Brophy.
Raffle: HAM (04) Brian Grace.
Friday 11th Dec Mixed Social:
Winners:             Adrian Roache, Bob Menzies 24.
Runner Up’s:      Rob Goodrick, Brad Andrews 23.
1st Round Win:  Ross Black, Bob Campbell 8.
2nd Round Win: Brian and Ruth Grace 11.
Kitty Touchers: 1st Shot. (No.03) Di Soanes. Oooh. Just missed.
2nd Shot. (No.26) Jill Hancock. Wide. Must be the wind.
Raffle: HAM (No. 25) R.C.Brian Grace.
Kitty JACKPOTS now at $320…..
Saturday 12th Dec Men’s Social:
Winners:         Mick Hancock, John McKay. Margin 9 + 13 Ends + 26 Score.
 Runner Up’s: Trevor Kelly, Lloyd Ogilvie.    Margin 9 + 13 Ends + 25 Score.
Raffle: HAM ( No. 48) Dave Maskell.
Wednesday 16th December.
Winners:         Alex Grunwald, Bob Buckley 3.
Runner Up’s:  Rob Goodrick, Doug Allen 5.
Lucky Door:    Harry Ulrick Rod Legge.
Raffle: HAM (15) Rob Goodrick .
Friday 18th Dec Mixed Social:
Winners:             Rob Goodrick, Brad Andrews 25.
Runner Up’s:      John McMagal (NSW), Mick McCann 24.
1st Round Win:  Jayne and Adam Johnstone 19. 2nd Round Win: Bob Buckley, Ron Burt 11.
Kitty Touchers: 1st Shot. (No.01) Rod Legge. Oooh. 1 M short.
2nd Shot. (No.03) Anne Smith. Oooooh. 1M short as well.
Raffle: HAM (No. 39) Anne and Darren Smith.
Kitty JACKPOTS now at $340…..
Saturday 19th Dec Men’s Social:
Winners:         John Rupnik, Lloyd Ogilvie 19.
 Runner Up’s: Rob Goodrick, Brad Andrews, Brian Perrin 8.
Raffle: HAM ( No. 47) John Westerloo.
Wednsday 20th January.
Winners:         Stewart Larkings, Chris Gee. 15.
Runner Up’s:  Ross Crawford, Andrew Whelan (Gidge). 9.
Lucky Door:    Jayne and Adam Johnstone.
Raffle: $100 (No.67) Doug Allen .
Friday 22nd Jan Mixed Social:
Winners:             Paul Turnbull, Bruce Wilson. 26.
Runner Up’s:      Mark and Jill Hancock. 23.
1st Round Win:  Trevor (tricky) Kelly, Les McDermott. 6.
2nd Round Win: Jayne and Adam Johnstone. 11.
Kitty Touchers:   1st Shot. (No.19) Tricky Kelly. Wide and Short.
                             2nd Shot. (No.17) Neville Borg. Just narrow mate.
Raffle: $100.(No.79) Jill Hancock.
Kitty JACKPOTS now at $380…..
Saturday 23rd Jan Men’s Social:
Winners:         Rod Legge, Paul Turnbull. 6.
 Runner Up’s: Grant Wangman, Adam Johnstone. 3.
Raffle: $75. (No.37) Evan Tunnah.
Wednesday 27th Jan Mixed Social.
Winners: R. Goodrick, D. Allen.
Runner Up’s: J. and A. Johnstone.
Door: R. and B. Campbell.
Raffle: (No.34) $70. A. Leyshon.
Friday 29th Mixed Social.
Win: B. Buckley, L. Ogilvie.
Run Up’s: P. Shepherd, R. Burk . 
!st Rnd: J. and A. Johnstone.
2nd Rnd: B. and R. Grace.
Kitty: 1st. R. Burt. Just Missed.
2nd: R. Legge. Missed by a short leg.
Raffle: (No.49) $100. B. Buckley.
Kitty now JACKPOTS to $400.
Sat 30th Mens Social.
Win: B. Finlay, B. Perrin, P. Shepherd. 
Run Up’s: Aussie, P. Turnbull, A. Johnstone.
Raffle: (No.8) $50. T. Harris.
Northern Beaches Bowls Club
Barry Finlay
Bare foot bowls bookings made at Reception only. Phone 49548677.

Mens Championships Final Results 2020

Open Singles:           Winner:   Chris Gee.
                             Runner Up:   Doug Dalley.
‘B’ Singles:                Winner:   Sean Collings.
                             Runner Up:   David Maskell.
Senior Singles:        Winner:   Brian Grace.
                            Runner Up:   Chris Gee.
Open Pairs:            Winners:   Brett Gee. Chris Gee
                          Runner Up’s:   Brian Grace. Ron Burt.
‘B’ Pairs:                 Winners:   Keith Duck. Stewart Larkings.
                         Runner Up’s:   Collin McNamara. Barry Finlay.
3 Bowl Triples:      Winners:   Ken Martin, Brian Farley, Rodney Legge.
                         Runner Up’s:   Bob Menzies, Les McDermott, John Westerloo.
2 Bowl Triples:        NOT YET COMPLETED.
(4’s) Fours:              Winners:   Brad Lindenberg. Peter Shepherd. Les McDermott. Peter Petersen.
                           Runner Up’s:   Troy Zessin. John Hamilton. Bruce Wilson. Steven Boyce.




MEMBERSHIP FEES: NOW due as of 1st July 2020
NEW BOWLING MEMBERSHIP is $80.00 plus a Nomination Fee of $11.00.
RENEWALS: $80.00 Due at the 30th of June each year.


Membership Enquiries and Payments can be made at Reception, or alternatively

 contact us on 4954 8677 if you prefer to make payment over the phone.


Visiting Bowlers are welcome to join us on Bowling days 

for a relaxing and sociable afternoon. You won’t be disappointed.

 Our greens are grass. Please wear only approved bowls shoes or go barefoot.

Thank you for your co-operation.


Phone:  07 4954 8677
Fax: 07 49548670
Address: 2 Rosewood Drive, Mackay, QLD 4740

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