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Another big week for the club, of our Invitation 4’s competition. The Beaches Bowls Club would like to thank ALL of our sponsors for supporting this club in one of the very best competitions in Queensland.

We had visitors from all over Queensland. Weipa in the Nth to the Gold Coast in the South to Longreach out West and a couple from South Australia.(Covid checked and sorted). The Ladies and Men’s comp had a full complement of teams with reserves on standby in the event of cancelations, which rarely happens.
 A BIG THANK YOU to all of our sponsors who make this week of competition possible and as successful as it is. You can see our Sponsors advertised on the boards around the greens. Again, Thank You.
Northern Beaches Bowls Club Men’s Invitation 4’s Results 2021.

Winners:  Dave Peet, Cooper Whitestyles, Sean Murphy, Peter Blackburn.            15 + 64.

2nd        :  Ian Gardner, Rick Dunn, Barry Jackson, Wade Cranston.                           15 + 63.   

3rd         :  John Hamilton, Bob Menzies, Andrew Whelan, Rod Graff.                       15 + 25.

4th         :  Allan Smith, Bob Bean, Shaun Andersen, Justin Cribbing.                         12 + 69.

5th         :  Nathan Dodds, Trevor Kelly, Nev Wood Bradley, Nathan Harriot.            12 + 48.

6th         :  Steve Mau, Paul Foot, Les Rogers, Manny Isgro.                                         12 + 23.


Social bowls will start as usual on Wed and Fri with the only difference now being 3 bowl triples both days.
This is due to the back green getting some much needed maintenance. There is a working B for this Fri 15th Oct at 5.30 am.
Not much shovelling, but we need wheelbarrow attendants PLEASE. 

***** Presentation night this year is 6.30pm (Qld time) 11th December in the Rosewood Room. *****





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Host clubs for C of C events have been allocated.

The following clubs will host C of C events and the Pratt Cup in 2021:

                Singles, Pairs and Fours                 Souths Suburban

                Triples                                                   Sarina

                B Grade Singles                                 Pioneer Valley

                Senior Singles                                    Wests Tigers

                B Grade Pairs                                     Marian

                2B Triples                                            Mackay

                Pratt Cup Rounds                             Airlie Beach, Northern Beaches, North Mackay, St Helen’s

                Pratt Cup Final                                   Proserpine

See District Calendar for Dates


The men’s club played the annual game of “State Of Origin (Where you were born) Qld and NSW. There are 3 games of 2 bowl triples with all members of each team playing in a different position. Lead. Second. Skip.  Qld had a few reserves up our sleeves, and NSW were lucky to support a whole side. More so, the games were played at the same level as last year with sledging, much banter, though NO biff is allowed (2 months in the bin) with spectators and members of the public cheering on their respected team. The result was a DRAW according to the games coordinators. A good result for all. NSW, in their usual way were first out the gate home after the results were finalised. Fatigued we believe with Qld again the last ones standing. They just can’t keep up with our resilience. 




Northern Beaches Bowls Club Social Bowls results.

Saturday 25th Sept Mens Social.
    We had 3 graded pairs games selected by the mens members. Win=3 plus ends.
    3 teams on 9, with A.Clark 9 + 39.
    Winners:          Brian Collings, Allan Clark.
    A good day had by all.
Wednesday  29th September Mixed Social Pairs.
Winners:           Brian and Ruth Grace.
Runner Up’s:    Marg Perry, Rod Burrows.
Door:                  ????.
Raffle: $50.     (No. 46) Ross Black.
Friday 1st October Mixed Social Pairs.
Winners:           Harry Ulrich, Rod Legge.
Runner Up’s:    Brian and Ruth Grace.
!st Rnd Win:     Peter Shepherd, Ron Burt.
2nd Rnd Win:   Jayne and Adam Johnstone.
Kitty: 1st Shot: Rod Legge. Good weight just narrow.
         2nd Shot: Trevor Kelly. Hopeless. 4ft short. 
Raffle: $100     (No.55) Rob Goodrick.  
Kitty JACKPOTS now $460.
    Saturday 2nd Oct Mens Social.
    Winners:         Rob Lynch, Mick Godfrey.
   Runner Up’s:   Ken Martin, Brian Farley, Rod Legge.
   Raffle: $100     (96)  Stewart Larkings. 
Wednesday  13th October Mixed Social Triples.
Winners:          Phil Lewis, Mick Godfrey, Darren Redman .
Runner Up’s:    Leanne Lewis, Brian and Ruth Grace.
Door:                 Trevor Kelly,Shorty McEwan, Les McDermott.
Raffle: $50.     (No. 76) Les McDermott.
Friday 15th Oct Mixed Social Pairs.
Winners:           Peter Shepherd, Ron Burt.
Runner Up’s:    Adam Johnstone, Paul Foot.
!st Rnd Win:     John McGuiness, Shane McGuiness.
2nd Rnd Win:   Ross Black, Rod Legge.
Kitty: 1st Shot: Adam Johnstone. No Where Near It..
         2nd Shot: Ron Burt. Hopeless. 
Raffle: $70.     (No.27) Paul Foot .  
Kitty JACKPOTS now $480.
    Saturday 16th Oct Mens Social Pairs.
    Winners:          B2 (Barry Thomas), Paul Turnbull.
    Runner Up’s:   Col Macnamara, Bruce Wilson.   
    Raffle: $70.     (15) Mark Hancock.


Wednesday  20th October Mixed Social Triples and 4’s.
Winners:           Trevor Kelly, Dave Peet, Mick Godfrey .
Runner Up’s:    Brian and Ruth Grace, Ross Black, Bob Campbell.
Door:                 Rod Burrows, Brian Farley, Andy Burrows.
Raffle: $70.     (No. 09) Stewart Larkings.
Friday 22nd Oct Mixed Social Pairs.
Winners:           Brian and Ruth Grace.
Runner Up’s:    Stewart Larking, Paul Foot.
!st Rnd Win:     Anne Smith, Barry Finlay.
2nd Rnd Win:   John McGuiness, Shane McGuiness.
Kitty: 1st Shot: Congratulations Ruth Grace $480.
         2nd Shot: Mick McCann. Sorry Mate no second shots. 
Raffle: $100.     (No.45) Gary Holden.  
Kitty now restarts at $100 next week.

    Saturday 16th Oct Mens Social Pairs.

   Cancelled due to ZONE trials at the Beaches.

   Three and a half teams from the Beaches, out of 14, went to the Pioneer Valley for their Platapus 4’s carnival,
   and taking home the Trophy was the team of Les (ECHO) Scott (his very first carnival), Dave Makell, Barry Finlay, and
   Adam Johnstone. Can’t get the smile off of Scotties face.
   All the teams lost 1 game which bought on some close finishes in the last.
   Top POINTS to the Valley Club for their, always great day out and hospitality.

Northern Beaches Bowls Club

Barry Finlay

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MEMBERSHIP FEES: NOW due as of 1st July 2021
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RENEWALS: $80.00 Due at the 30th of June each year.


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Visiting Bowlers are welcome to join us on Bowling days 

for a relaxing and sociable afternoon. You won’t be disappointed.

 Our greens are grass. Please wear only approved bowls shoes or go barefoot.

Thank you for your co-operation.


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‘Tie me up’, she purred, ‘and you can do anything you want.’
So he tied her up and went and had a game of bowls. 


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